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Janet Paehlig
Tenaj Creations
Owner / Designer

I have been designing and making jewelry for nearly a dozen years and have cherished every moment of that time.

I take such pleasure in selecting components, creating the designs, and assembling unique pieces that spark conversation and delight my clients.

Each piece is hand-crafted from high quality components, using many different materials, such as Czech, fused and hand-blown glass; Swarovski crystal; fresh water pearls; natural stones; sterling silver from Bali or Thailand; petrified walrus bone and various one-of-a-kind antique treasures. 

My goal is to create jewelry my clients will cherish and wear with pride.

Each piece I create has its own unique story.  Examples are the pieces with ‘eye’ beads that were used to ward off evil spirits  and the 300-year old Chinese locks that were used in the royal courts. I love sharing these stories with my clients to make their purchases an engaging experience.

One of the things that has made Tenaj Creations so rewarding for me is the opportunity to help others. I recently did a special Tenaj show for the Twin Cities (Nevada City and Grass Valley) Concert Association, donating 10% of the proceeds to the organization.

My creations range from unique but affordable earrings, to unusual bracelets and pins, to high-end precious stone necklaces, and are available through home shows, my Website, and special events.